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*CashPointsSM have no cash value except as described in the Priority RewardsSM Program Agreement. See the Priority Rewards Program Agreement for details. First Hawaiian Bank reserves the right to cancel or change the program at any time without prior notice.

†Where an offer from a PlusPoints Business is described in terms of CashPoints per dollar (for example, "Earn 4 CashPoints per dollar"), the displayed CashPoints refers to the total of (i) the number of Bonus CashPoints awarded per dollar; and (ii) regular CashPoints awarded per dollar using a Priority Rewards Credit Card.

Where an offer is described in terms of a fixed number of Bonus CashPoints (for example, "1,000 Bonus CashPoints"), the displayed CashPoints refer only to Bonus CashPoints awarded, and does not include the regular CashPoints awarded using a Priority Rewards Credit Card.

Be sure to click on links for additional details as additional restrictions may apply. See PlusPoints Terms and Conditions.

"First Hawaiian Bank", the First Hawaiian Bank Brand Mark, "CashPoints", "PlusPoints", and "Priority Rewards" are registered service marks of First Hawaiian Bank.

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